Healthcare Branding: Our Approach to Make Your Hospital Brand Stand Out

The industry is in the midst of a sea change brought about by growing micro-specialization and multi-specialty industry trends. The focus is now on consumer experience, as patients play an ever-increasing role in managing their own health. Performance metrics have shifted to value-based assessments like patient satisfaction; emphases are now on prevention over treatment.

As a result, the balance of influence in the brand-consumer relationship has swung dramatically to the consumer, opening up unique healthcare digital branding opportunities that hospitals and doctors simply cannot afford to ignore.

1. Positioning

Positioning your healthcare brand is the most fundamental strategic effort we make in healthcare branding. It isn’t easy; the way in which your healthcare brand is positioned will determine its fate in the new healthcare landscape. Establishing a brand that is authentic and reliable amidst the chaos will go a long way toward ingratiating your hospital with its patient base.

At the end of the day, our goal of positioning is to create a unique impression in your potential customer’s mind that sets your brand apart. Of course, to accomplish this, first we have to define what makes your brand unique. This requires consensus among key stakeholders on things like your brand category, target customer, competitive advantage, and brand promise. Authentic answers to each of these questions lead to genuine differentiation.

2. Brand identity

One of the most obvious ways to make your healthcare brand stand out is by refreshing your corporate identity.

When refreshing your visual identity, it’s important to remember the power that a good identity can wield. Your visual identity tells your customers why you are different from your competition. To ensure this message is compelling and effective, your identity should be built to stand the test of time. An enduring logo represents an enduring brand. Finally, your identity should be deployed with the utmost consistency so as to instill trust in the minds of your customers.

3. Content Creation and Marketing

When it comes to healthcare branding, content is king. Not just any content, though. Compelling, engaging, and, most of all, useful content. Luckily for healthcare brands, there will never be a dearth of inspiring and educational content. Heartrending stories of patients whose lives have been changed by your brand are a powerful way to connect with customers on a deeply human level. This type of educational content is both relevant and useful to a broad spectrum of audiences.

The volume and complexity of healthcare topics means that no brand within the industry should have a lack of effective content to populate their channels. You brand can offer healthcare tips via blog posts, videos, patient stories, and infographics. Our content enables you to position your company as an industry leader. It reassures consumers that your brand has the right solution for their needs. It even boosts your search engine rankings, establishing your website as a credible source of information.

4. Digital Marketing

According to Pew Research, not less than 72 percent of internet users searched for health information in the past years. Healthcare, in fact, is the second most-searched-for service online. Digital marketing, then, is one of the most valuable ways a healthcare brand can engage with its audience and improve patient engagement. It starts with a clean, modern website that’s a dynamic embodiment of your brand.

5. Customer Experience

The emerging healthcare industry centers on customer experience. Patient satisfaction and value-based metrics mean that the ultimate judges of your brand’s success will be those you serve. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure your brand is aligned with your customers’ needs and expectations. This starts with making certain your brand experience is consistent and cohesive across every touch point.

EAT Approach

Digital Branding aims at creating and maintaining online visibility for your brand, be a hospital or Individual doctor or a clinic. The ultimate aim is to generate more foot visitors, online enquiry and appointments and thereby more patients.

Our Unique approach to Healthcare Branding is called EAT Approach and it is built upon three pillars

Expertise - Expertise of Doctor(s): To present your brand as the No.1 in the area of specialization(s) in your target market.

Authority - Authority of Medical Info: To promote your brand as the No.1 dependable source of information and thought leader in treatments in your area of specialization(s) in your target market.

Trust To brand your brand as the No.1 for trusted and guaranteed hospital in your area of specialization(s) in your target market.

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